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Mar 07

American Baby Bests 2014 - Vote for THE Crib


Ooh baby! Young America is happily in the running for the American Baby Bests 2014 for THE Crib, an annual poll by, the online version of Parenting Magazine. Cast your vote today for a chance to win $300.


Why are Young America cribs among the best? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Made in America quality and safety
  2. 100% Intertek certified
  3. 100% Greenguard certified
  4. Built to Grow, from crib to college
  5. Choice of styles, colors and wood tone finishes

Browse Young America cribs online and visit a Young America retailer near you.

Mar 05

Greenguard: Indoor Air Quality Matters for your Child’s Health and Safety

100% of Young America products are Greenguard certified. That’s right, every crib, bed, dresser, bookcase, desk, hutch and mirror has been independently tested to meet the most stringent chemical emissions standards in the world. Why? Because indoor air quality matters for your child’s health and safety, and we love your kids too!


Parents are vigilant, so careful about what their babies and children touch or put into their mouths. When parents and caregivers see kids reaching for or getting into bad things, they can intervene and keep a child safe. A choking hazard, known toxin or other potentially dangerous health threat can be safely removed or kept from a curious young child.

A child’s health cannot easily be protected from the “things” that cannot be seen. For example, it’s not possible to see airborne pollutants, such as certain chemicals, particles and allergens, that may be present in your home. This can be worrisome because children are more susceptible to pollutants than adults. This means indoor pollutants can cause more severe health effects in children.

Facts You Should Know
SOURCE: UL Environment’s GREENGUARD Certification

By using Young America products bearing GREENGUARD Certification mark, parents can rest easy knowing their baby or child’s furniture has been independently tested and verified to meet strict emission levels of pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and phthalates.


For more information, visit the UL | Greenguard website.

Jan 28

Where the Wild Things Rest

We know where the wild things want to be! Rustic and sophisticated, a bedroom in earthy browns and neutrals is enticing for boys, of all ages.



top: Boardwalk Batten Bed and Night Stand in Slate, bottom: Quinn Bed in Dune Linen with a Crosspointe Night Stand and Chest in Espresso


Abigail is pretty, if not glamorous in pinks!
Abigail Belcourt Bed in Bliss with an Abigail Chest, Night Stand and Cheval Dressing Mirror.

Abigail is pretty, if not glamorous in pinks!

Abigail Belcourt Bed in Bliss with an Abigail Chest, Night Stand and Cheval Dressing Mirror.

Nov 22

Bring Home some Good, Old-Fashioned Childhood Fun

Say hello to childhood fun. Not all that glitters is a tablet or laptop screen… the glow of a bicycle can be alluring too. Chrome handlebars, racing stripes, and fast fat wheels take kids places… with friends and siblings. That wonderful sense of freedom of flying down a neighborhood sidewalk, trail and through PUDDLES. Fresh air, pushing pedals hard and fast. Zipping along with a big smile to a destination - or just to EXPLORE. Grab the handlebars and and go! Childhood bike riding is more than a novelty; it’s good old-fashioned fun.


The new Young America Crosspointe collection appeals to this same nostalgic sensibility of a good, old-fashioned childhood, for boys and girls. The style is simple, warm and familiar. Nothing fancy, no frills. Crisp and uncluttered like the mind of an exuberant young child.


Crosspointe helps create a nurturing space for a child that will always feel like home, from crib to college and well beyond. Timeless linear moldings, fine joinery and classic finish details are crafted from kiln-dried North American hardwoods and maple veneers. Brushed nickel knobs are a fitting complement. Made with good, old-fashioned quality here in Robbinsville, USA.


Crosspointe Double Dresser, Hutch, Beacon Bed and 2 Drawer Night Stand in Merlot, just one of 6 wood tones and 13 paint finish choices. Available now online and from your local Young America retailer.


Puddles are the best!

Nov 21

Quinn Creates a Dreamy Bedroom for a Young Buckaroo


So Dreamy. Meet Quinn a crisply tailored, easygoing upholstered bed style offered in simple, sophisticated fabrics to complement our painted and wood tone products handsomely. The understated elegance is stunning, for a boy or girl’s room. Quinn is at ease in neutrals, rustic and more polished surroundings alike with versatility that blends with every Young America furniture collection, including the new Crosspointe Collection, through every age and stage, toddler to teen.

Nov 18

creating a Simple, Warm and Familiar Nursery

Simple, warm and familiar, the new Built to Grow Lyric Crib in our brand new Crosspointe collection creates a nurturing nursery space that will always feel like home. Crisp, linear moldings, fine joinery and classic finish details are crafted from kiln-dried North American hardwoods and maple veneers. Standard brushed nickel knobs are the perfect complement. Made in the USA.

Oct 29

Think Quick! Young America furniture that ships fast


A new baby, new bedroom, new house… Sometimes you need some new furniture FAST. Quick Ship is a list of styles in finishes typically in stock and available to ship - quickly.

Boardwalk Collection shown above: Fanfare Crib, Single Dresser and Bookcase in Starlight.

Browse full Quick Ship selection online, contact your local Young America retailer, or call for details.

Oct 25

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Children

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year for young children. Dressing up, walking in the dusk or dark with friends and family to collect candy and treats is fun, but not without a few risks. Taking basic precautions can help you and your children have a safe Halloween evening.

Trick-or-Treating Safety for children
* Go out between 5:30 and 7pm in most neighborhoods or find out if there’s a town-sponsored Halloween event.
* Go only to well-lit, inviting houses and remain on porches rather than entering houses.
* Safety in numbers; always travel in small groups accompanied by an adult.

Safety Tips for walking in Neighborhoods
* Use flashlights, stay on sidewalks, and avoid crossing yards.
* Cross streets at the corner, use crosswalks (where they exist), and do not cross between parked cars.
* Stop at all corners and stay together in a group before crossing.
* Wear clothing that is bright, reflective, and flame retardant.
* Consider using face paint instead of masks. (Masks can obstruct a child’s vision.)
* Avoid wearing hats that will slide over their eyes.
* Avoid wearing long, baggy or loose costumes or over sized shoes (to prevent tripping).

Be Safe and have fun!